Diesel Engine Fuel Injection System

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The largest manufacturer of diesel engine fuel injection system In Korea, DPICO, has produced its products with technical assistance of Robert Bosch GmbH & Zexel Corporation and supplied them to major car makers in Korea including Hyundai, Daewoo and Kia.

1. VE Type Pump
(sectional area)
First developed in the world by Bo
sch and thirdly by DPICO, lighter
and smaller than the traditional serial type

2 . PE Type Pump
(sectional area)
Used for heavy engines of buses,
trucks & special vehicles,
equipmentsand ships

3 . PER Type Pump
Used for farm equipments and low-speed hips
with TAPET inside of the pump.

4 . Nozzle

5 . Nozzle Holder

6 . Plunger

7 . Delivery Valve

8 . Pump Tester

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