Daewoo Lanos [ Manufacturing period : '96. 11~ present ]

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Progressive safety-oriented styling.
The maximized wheelbase length, widened cabinand created long, flowing body lines.
Large C pillars significantly increase body rigidity foroptimum protection against collisions

Bold hood lines for a dynamic,muscular image Aerodynamictrunk lid minimizesair turbulence, increases safetyand fuel efficiency


Comfortbegins with generously sized interior dimensions: Front and back,there's extra headroom and legroom.
Safety cell: It protectsoccupants against collisions. Anti-submarining design of seats.

The seat cushions are angled at a2-degree gradient to prevent the occupant from sliding forward during a sudden stop.
Large side bolsters for torso support during hard cornering.


Among the E-TEC's(1.6 DOHC) many innovations is the variable geometry intake system(VGIS). VGIS automatically adjusts theengine air intake volume in accordance with the engine speed.This creates an optimum fuel-air mixture for higher efficiencyand power. VGIScontributes to an impressive 10% improvement in enginepower. E-TEC featuresnumerous silencing and anti-vibration features for smooth,quiet operation and a long service life.

transmission: The 5-speed manual and the electronically controlled 4-speedautomatic

Ride & Handling
Lanos rides on a long wheelbase, wide tread and isshod with wide profile 185 series tires (a DOHC model option) for extra
stability during cornering. To soak up bumps and potholes, the
compound link rear suspension features special mini-block springs for astable, smooth ride.
A variable ratio power assist changes the boost levelaccording to driving speed


Occupant safety and crash survivability, frame rigidity and durability

The optimized design of the steel body shell :strength and weight reduction properties are ideally balanced.

Highly rigid frame provides a secure foundation for the suspension, enhancing the car's handling, steering and safety characteristics.
A triple-stage front bumper, a high-rigidity front member and T-type pillar to safeguard front seat occupants. In the rear,a three-stage rear bumper, side reinforced B pillar, side protection beams made of ultra-hightensile strengh steel, seat-cross members and extra-stiff rocker panels.

ABS improves brakingperformance under slippery road conditions or during panicstops. Dual Airbag

Models of Daewoo `Lanos` 1998