Daewoo Matiz [ Manufacturing period : '98.4~ present ]

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Manual tilting glass sunroof, Rear windscreen wiper with washer, Smile character line, MFR headlamp, Rearspoilor, Roof antenna

Engine M -Tech engine

M-Tech engine(Magic &Maximum power Technique engine)

MPI (Multi Point Injection) systemcontrols exact air & fuel ratio and whole engineconditions
New camshaft for maximum power torque performance and economic fuel consumption
Optical sensor type fully electronic distributor,Exhaust gas re-circulation system

Reinforced valve train system
Special rubber timing belt and light weighted cam gear reduce noise and vibrationlevels.
PIM (Plastic Intake Manifold) produced by vibration welding method
EMS(Engine Management System): Knock sensor, Prime pulse


McPherson strut front suspensionand isolated trailing link rear suspension

A stylish 2- or 4-spoke steering wheel, Rack & pinion steering gear, dualcollapsible steering column



Large-one piece molding, Regular size spare wheel, Load compartment covered with a parcel shelf


Electronic anti-lock brake system, Dual airbag, Rear seat back steel panel

Reinforcement bars, Tie bar, Strut bar, Cross frame, front longitudinal member, B-pillar reinforcement materials, Under frame

Models of Daewoo `Matiz` 1998