Hyundai Aero-City Bus
520 (Manufacturing period: '84.3~ ) 540 (Manufacturing period: '91.1~ )

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Drivers, passengeers and operators agree: Aero-City is a highly satisfying bus with aerodynamic styling that blends in perfectly with modern urban landscpe.  

Aero-City 520 With a displacement of 7545cc and a peak output of 188HP, the D6BR engine is very durable, fuel efficient and economical to operate, making it highly suitable for the heavy duty demands of downtown operation. 
Aero-City 540Over middle distance, high-speed runs, the D6AU really proves its worth.

Displacing 11,149cc and delivering a peak output of 225HP, this engine keeps fuel consumption to a minimum and is a outstanding performer.
Models of  Hyundai `Aero City Bus` 1998