Hyundai New Grace

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The new grace is sporting a smart new look on the outside as well as on the inside. The new grace features a new nose and restyled tail-end wears a smart, one-tone body color with maching bumpers. The wheel covers have also been updated and the interior reveals a new instrument panel and fashionable seat fabrics.

2.5 Turbo charge : For absolute peak torque, this is the engine of choice.

Its torque output is rated at 20kgm for smooth, powerful takeoffs even under a full cargo load.

The limited slip differential provides all weather capability improving traction on

slippery surfaces by automatically detecting wheel slippage and transfering power to

the wheel with greater traction.

Full-flat seating arrangement provides maximum flexibility. Great for quick naps and even over-nighting in emergency.
Flexibility is the key to the new grace which offers maximum carring capacity for either passenger or cargo.

Dressed in GL trim, the new grace cargo van is the right truck for large load hauling jobs.

With a large cargo space of 5.66 cubic meter (3-seater van), impresive features like a tailgate and an extra large sliding cargo doors allow for easy loading and unloading.
A variety of extra option are available for a customized version.

Models of  Hyundai `New Grace` 1998