Hyundai Galloper

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The 4WD Galloper, a dynamic and powerful all-terrain multi-purpose vehicle,
delivers total driving satisfaction both on and off the road with superior safety and smoothness.
Both stylish and sophisticated,
the 4WD Galloper is the most versatile and comfortable urban vehicle.
(Manufacturing period: '91.8~97')


The centralized layout of all the controls and gauges

Ergonomic design facilitates and prioritizes warning/status signals for the driver.

The three rows of seats are easily changeable, making the interior space highly dynamic.


Powerful engine mechanism with low noise, emission delivers high torque:

01. D4BF MPI V6 3000(161PS/5000rpm, 24.5kg-m/2500rpm); fed by multi-point fuel injectors and a microprocessor-controlled engine management system.

02. Intercooler Turbo diesel(105PS/4000rpm, 24.5kg-m/2000rpm);the 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel unleashes hidden horsepower without reducing fuel economy.

03. Turbo diesel 2500(85PS/4200rpm, 20kg-m/2000rpm)


Up front, there are double wishbones to ensure true wheel tracking and enhanced riding comfort. In the rear of the N/A and T/C Diesel  models, there are leaf springs of 4WD design.
The V6 3000 offers a triple-link suspension modulated by coil springs in the rear and horizontal stabilizer bar.


Three-channel ABS, Door impact-bar
Limited slip differential(LSD): Under slippery conditions which leave wheels spinning, this sophisticated mechanism transfers power to the wheel with the most traction.