Hyundai Sonata II

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It`s no wonder why so many people fall in love with the Sonata II`s beautifully sculpted body. But the beauty is more than skin deep.
Under its sleek, aerodynamic exterior is a sprited road machine just waiting to be driven.

Here`s a sedan with one of the most spacious and luxurious interiors in its class.(Manufacturing period: '93.5~ '96.2)


Driver-oriented gauges and systems
Dual height functional seats are anatomically contoured.

Power & tilt steering
Roomy cabin, Component audio system


G4CM, G4CN, G4CP 146-horsepower, 4-valve 2.0/1.8 DOHC(Double overhead camshaft), 2.0/1.8 MPI(multi point injection) engine

5-speed Manual transmission  & 4-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission
A fully independently MacPherson Strut front and multi link rear suspension

ECS(Electronic Control suspension): Anti-squat, Anti-dive
Aerodynamic style clean body, Flush fitting door


4-channel ABS, Rear disk brake, 10 inch ultrabooster, Clear lenz type headlamp, SRS(Supplemental Restraint system) airbag, Door safety bar, Anti-submarining seat, Height adjustable seatbelt, Impact absorbing body, The optimized steel body