Kia Pregio [ Producting period : `95.11 ~ present ]

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Bigger, faster, smoother, handsomer, and more comfortable than its predecessors, Pregio is designed to transport you, your passengers, and cargo in safety and style.
The Kia Pregio. Get ready to change your concept of what a van should be.

Pregio is powered by Kia's own 2.7-liter J2 diesel engine. With 83 PS of power and 17.5 kgm of torque available, performance is solid and reliable.

Pregio also delivers a surprisingly car-like ride thanks to its gas strut-equipped double-wishbone front and five-link rear coil spring suspension.
Extensive dampening and insulation further isolate the cabin from noise and vibration for even greater ride comfort.

For year-round driving comfort, choose the heater and air cinditioning option.
Independent front and rear temperature and fan speed controls will help keep the interior comfortable for all passengers.

Models of Kia `Pregio` 1998