Kia Concord  

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Concord puts luxury within reach. Concord's sleek and elegant skin exudes the distinctive appeal of much higher price  than European sedans.
Also, that is a robust, well-buil car that is designed to survive years of punishing use. [ Manufacturing period : '87.12 ~ '95.6 ]


Door Impact Bar: All four doors are fitted with ultrahigh strength tensile steel members to provide protection against side impacts.

Airbag& 4Spoke Handle
ABS(Anti-Lock Brake System) MacPherson strut

Powering New Concord is a velvet-smoth 2-litre SOHC engine which delivers impressive acceleration performance but without sacrificing fuel economy.

 The updated instrument panel is the focal point of Concord's well-appointed interior.
Steering column-mounted control stalks offer fingertip control over headlamps, turn signals, wiper(with timer) and  washer. 
Lowered ventilation outlets enable precise aiming of climate controlled air stream. Air conditioning is optional. 

Vibration, noise and harshness have been practically eliminated by the application of isolation pads in critical areas. 

Power windows add a small but important touch of convenience to daily driving