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Sportage best captures the adventurous spirit of the portage and sporty performance.
Just off the beaten path, there's a whole other world just waiting to be discovered.
And Sportage can take you there. With 4-wheel drive at your fingertips, this sport-utility vehicle will take you where cars and 2-wheel drive SUVs fear to go.
At a price that will scare no one but the competition. [ Manufacturing period : '93.6~ present ]


Elegant and Sporty
The low nose and smooth body contours help pare down the Cd(coefficient of drag) to 0.39 - impressive for a 4*4.
Superior aerodynamics not only improve fuel economy by minimizing drag but also contribute to improved front-end stability and handling. Yet the ride is positively soft and car-like thanks to the sophisticated suspension and comfortable, amply padded seats.


Instantly Readable and Reachable

Spacious and Flexible Seating

The elegant, ergonomic instrument panel has every gauge, every control in ideal position for instant response and ease of operation.

Extra-large seat cushions provide plenty of support. MR features tricot upholstery.
Rear seats fold away easily for extra cargo room.


Smooth, sturdy Powertrain

Sportage is available with a choice of three fuel efficient powerplants. The 2-liter SOHC delivers 99PS per 5000 rpm and develops 17.0kg.m. of torque at 2500 rpm. A DOHC version delivers maximum performance : 135 PS per 6000 rpm and 18.0kg.m. of torque per 4500rpm.
Mated to a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 4-speed electronically governed automatic gearbox. For optimum efficiency, a 2.2-liter diesel is also offered. Its output is rated at 70 PS per 4050 rpm and 14.5kg.m. per 2500 rpm.

Sportage has a wide, low stance which helps attain a low center of gravity and reduce the risk of rollover.
Passive safety systems include side-impact protection beams in the doors, three-point seat-belts and a fuel tank that is mounted between the channel rails.
For safer stops and directional stability on slippery surfaces, rear anti-lock brakes are offered as an option.

Models of Kia `Sportage` 1998