Ssangyong New Korando [ Manufacturing period : '96.7 ~ present ]

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The powerful, muscular look of a traditional 4WD with beautiful modern lines to create a unique head-turning blend of traditional and modern styling

The OM 661 & 662 diesel engines, small, light and tailored to 4WD vehicles are characterized by the best endurance and economy, re-purification of incomplete combustion and prevention of knocking, and low noise and pollution.
The double-wishbone front Msuspension enhances steering precision and ride comfort as well as reducing noise and vibration.
The combination of 5-link and optimal spring rates results in a rear suspension.


Front and rear crumple zones, reinforced steel body panels, and twist-resistant chassis reinforcements

Steel doors are equipped with high-strength steel bars for additional side impact protection.

The 4channel 4sensor ABS helps the driver maintain directional control and improve traction under
adverse driving conditions by automatically braking a drive wheel when the onset of wheel spin is detected.

A 1,520 mm tread and 2,480 mm wheel base help to overcome cornering lean,delivering a stable ride.

Remote Keyless Entry System(REKES), 
Gas strut hood supports,
Voice Synthesizer

Models of  Ssangyong `New Korando` 1998