GS Radiator Coolant
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Pre-diluted Coolant & Corrosion Inhibitor
Premium quality, ethylene glycol based, pre-diluted coolant and corrosion inhibitor which is suitable for use in all kinds of automotive cooling systems
Product Name
 GS Radiator Coolant
Pre-diluted Coolant & Corrosion Inhibitor
24 ea of 0.5 Liter steel can per carton box  
All kinds of automotive cooling system 
Usage guide
Fill the car's cooling system WITHOUT WATER DILUTION
Complete cooling system protection / Reduced maintenance cost / Extended service life
Product dilution ratio is Pure coolant : Water = 20 : 80 /
Freezing point is around -7 to -8 Celsius degree.
Key properties
Freezing point, ”ĘC
pH, undiluted
* For detailed metal corrosion inhibition properties, refer to 'Certificate of Analysis'.
01. Shake GS Radiator Coolant well before opening
02. Fill your car's cooling system with GS Radiator Coolant without water dilution

All kinds of automotive cooling systems

Contains ethylene glycol. If swallowed, induce vomiting and take medical treatment immediately.
Wash hands thoroughly after using.
* Keep out of access of children

01. Complete cooling system protection
- Preserves aluminum alloy and other metals in cooling system from rust and corrosion
- Protects cooling system from freezing
- Prevents engine system from overheating

02. Reduced maintenance cost

03. Extended service life

01. For further product information, please refer to the attached product bulletin, certificate of analysis, quality comparison with existing one of Japanese, product package design and can image photo.

02. As you can recognize through the attached quality comparison, our GS Radiator Coolant is superior to other Japanese products.

03.Please note that this product is targeting 'Mild Climate' region of which temperature is NOT lower than -6 Celsius degree. So, if your marketing region is 'Cold', survey carefully the market situation and requirement when you are considering purchase of this product.

If you are interested in this product, please contact the person in charge of you (J.H.Chang or J.S.Park) individually for further discussion such as price.

If you want, we will supply max. 1 box (= 24 can) of this product FREE OF CHARGE.