Set-up  1994. 3
 Tax Id NO.  112-81-35951
 Company Type  Stock CO. (CORP.)
 2000 Turnover  USD. 5 Mil.
 Main bank
 Hanvit bank of korea, Shilimdong Branch,
 Seoul, Korea
 Employee  Account NO. : FDA-142-8-000018 ( holder - paul trading corp.)
 20 Staffs at Office & 9 Engineers at Car repairing center
 Export Market  Philiphines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Jordan,  Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, R.South africa, U.A.E., Peru, Colombia,
Costa-rica, U.K., USA,  Canada
 H.G. Address  41-538, Bongcheon 10-Dong Kwanak-ku, Seoul, Korea
 Telephone NO.  82 - 2 - 878 - 5090

 Fax. NO.

 82 - 2 - 878 - 5091
 President  Juny Nam
 Award Records  '98.NOV. - US $5 Mil. export prize (Period '97.07.01 '98.06.30)
 '98.NOV. - Prime minister's medal for exportation

 New / Used cars
 New / Used auto parts
 New / Used engines(gasoline/diesel) and transmissions
 New car repaing &maintenance equipments
 New / Used construction equipment,parts and attachments
 Automotive lubricants, delkor mf battery

Eestablished on march 1, 1994, Paul trading is a young company, while it holds strong characteristics.
Centering on the company's representative and president, Nam Jun Hee, total members are each in charge of different items and roles.
We specially stands as one of the leading exporters of second-hand vehicles in Korea. Everyone at Paul Trading Corp. maintains an industrial mind of "priority to the customers" as the core of the enterprise. Therefore, a large majority of new customers continue with their deals, building a relation of warm confidence.
Our spirit of analyzing accurately our customers' demands and reexamining confusing instances, is the key for our buyers to make orders with ease and comfort. Recently we have been turning to enviromental-aware businesses, expanding its investments on second-hand and/or recycled products.
In the future, we will continue to provide maximum satisfaction to our overseas customers with the competitive prices and the best conditions. We firmly believe such satisfaction can be verified not through a sole business deal, but through a continuous ones. We are a company that reexamines and rethinks from the customer's point-of-view.

At Paul Trading Corp., we don't expect a sudden growth but we are a company that anticipates slow but steady and solid progress.

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